Haha, that sounds pretty cool.
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there's such a thing as grossly overusing the wah, and you, my friend, have just done that
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Nice, maybe you could try doing that rythym section with a normal tone. But try having the lead that goes over it with that wah wah, I think it would probably sound a little less overwhelming, but still really cool
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ight ill try that the only thing though is i played it slower then the real version to add the trippy effects
to notoriouspac, i use a karera wah. by the way anyone else that opens this when you watch the video can you plz rate it, cuz i have three ratings of only one star and i think it deserves more than that. thx
Wow! That sounds cooler than the original! Good job. Just one question...Is that dynamic wah? if its not, you are really good with that wah pedal! 5/5

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