Did you just do something that was interesting, and want to post it here, but you don't want to get reported for spam? Well, here you go.

For example.
I just spent a minute trying to open an Altoid box...I was trying to open it from the wrong side.
Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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i just sat here for 20 seconds trying to think of an event
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Epic post. Wish I could say more, but I don't know much about the subconscious and other psychological stuff.
I sat here for 30 seconds just to type this bullshit.
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BlackZeppelin is like Ghandi. With a bigger sense of humor.
it's the silence between the notes that makes the music.
When my friend and I were talking about math or something (it was in study hall),
there was like a 20 minute silence, and I just randomly asked him what his favorite popcorn topping was. My friend just looked at me like "WTF???"
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there is this hairclip i found the other day.
its a red bow with white polka dots attatched to a metal clip.
i couldn't figure out how to open the clip. i looked for a latch, hatch, snatch or something and couldn't figure it out. i was about to give up after about a minute, then i squeezed the end on either side and when it was squeezed it released a hook and the clip opened.
i'm a dude, so i just put it on my id cord. i've lost it since
I just watched an Enzyte commercial and I can't get the song out of my head
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bignuts20 the name says it all

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You can sig me all you want but I still have a small penis.

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i smoked weed out my bathroom window while having a shower and blasting pink floyd on my ipod. it was cool.
I found I can zip up my jacket twice today (IE there's two zippers).
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I just shoot a bunny in my front yard out of the 2nd floor of my house with a AR15. Pictures as soon as I can find my camera.
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I'm jerking off

edit: not anymore =)

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Heyyyyyyy.... You never edited your post!
When the music's over, turn out the lights.

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i fingerd my girl the other day she got so wet nearly my entier hand was soked after that i ate her up, she blacked out it was awesome
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*squints eyes*

Heyyyyyyy.... You never edited your post!

He could have edited it before anyone else read the thread...it doesn't tell you it was edited then

it just means he came pretty quick