How many would you reccomend (minimum) for a guitar with .09 gauge strings?

also, how would you change/move them? is there a specific technique or is it just pry them out with a screwdriver or something? and what is some really cheap way to increase my tuning stability without buying a tremsetter or tremol-no?

any help and advice is welcome
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for .09s three springs should be good.
also a good way with three springs to improve your tuning is to arrange them like this:
(go to the tremolo tuning tips part of this page, works like a charm)
not sure what you have but i have a strat and i just grab them with a needle nose plier and gently pull them over the claw and replace or re-arrange. i use 3 and i have them in a tent shape roughly. it helps to pull up (out) on the wammy bar to loosen the tension.

not sure about your tuning problem. if you have recently changed your strings it may take a day or two before they settle in and you make other adjustments