For the most part, i am sick of the size my delay pedals take up. I have a DMM and an Ibanez AD9, along with a boss dd-3.

What i am considering is taking away my two analog pedals, and combining two boss dd-3's together in one shell.

While it may seem like a waste of money, i need to save some space on my pedalboard.

i could get the BYOC clones, that could save space, but there is even more outlay of money.

What i am planning is the following:

Taking two dd-3 (maybe modifying them to true-bypass beforehand) and putting them into a broken DMM shell, or something of that size. The wiring will stay the same, and to make it easier, i can just use a 1/4inch jack to internally connect them, rather than re-wire. It wont run on batteries if i do it this way, which is good. Top controls are the same as the boss ones, but may need some wire extensions so that i can line all 8 of them along the top. There is then two footswitches, to control the delays seperately, and it would also be cool to have a bypass footswitch for on/off as well.

What is the general consensus? am i insane? or could this work? I only need two delays anyway
you are insane, but it could work.
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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