Ok... I had my Xbox 360 a month and a half after it's release back in december 2005?

After 2 years and almost 3 whole months, it's starting to play up.

I haven't had any problems at all, not once in fact since i had it way back when.

But the problem is i was playing Halo 3, and suddenly out of nowhere.. a big sticky green giant came out of my celiing!!

No, joke lol. But the graphics suddenly went into a watery, washed out look, as if it was a moving water painting though i had full control to what was happening on screen. It also was doing the same in the xbox guide and well as the dashbaord and kinda jumping around abit too.

I've tried my PS2 and my Wii in the same AV slot as my Xbox is plugged in and works fine.

Now my xbox comes on with a black screen and these funny dots in linoes rapidly shooting across th screen from side to side and back and just going weird with no sign of the dashbaord coming up.

I have no Red Ring of Death show, no other flshing lights indicating a dodgy connection between the xbox and Tv, actually, the xbox knows there is a controller connected.

Ive also tried on the tv downstairs, but it's jus black without the weird white dots. Just a few hite bars pop up for a split second and that's it.

Sorry for the wall of text, and help appreciated. Thankyou!
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*ahem* Gaming thread.

Unfortunately, this is a problem I haven't heard before. I recommend, instead of the Gaming thread, take it to a 360 forums website of sorts. You'll get better help.
Bring it in to best buy or target and see if they can plug it in to test if it is a problem with the wire itself. Unfortunately, it is probably the system itself though, but it's worth a shot?
call M$, thats your best bet obviously
but i've never heard of such a problem, it's most likely your cable, have any animals that may have chewed it or something?
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I HAD THIS!!!! i had no idea what it was so I just traded my XBOX in for MY WARRANTY

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No animals here, and the wire is in excellent condition. No problems anywhere... and after 27 months... i dont think i have the warranty anymore.
The sex offenders register.. personally, i don't even think they should be in school.
i had this happen to me. soon after i got the red ring of doom and had to send my xbox in. just give microsoft a call and theyll guide you through possible ways to fix it, or send it in if need be

oh yeah btw they have a 3 year warranty on all xboxs that doo have the ring of doom so your still alright
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So i still have the warranty??

Do i need the receipt or any of the booklet information that came with it?
The sex offenders register.. personally, i don't even think they should be in school.