If I keep my grades up, my parents are going to let me get a new guitar. Now I've played the Xiphos a while ago, and thought it had a great feel, but of course I want other opinions. I'm still at school for another month, so I wont be able to really go out and play anything for a bit, just doing some research for now.

I've heard the Edge III isnt that great, but its already fitted to swap for an Edge Pro if need be. Will I need to do this? How much will that cost?

I know theres the deal with the neck dive, and that can be fixed by changing the strap pins onto the horn, so thats no big deal.

Are there any other concerns about the Xiphos that you know of? Or any other guitars you'd recommend that I try out for a similar price?
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The edge pro wont fit on where the edge III is. But the even better Original FLoyd Rose will fit. So its al good.
Oh, i thought i heard that the Edge Pro would fit there and OFR would need some routing.

How much is it to make the switch from Edge III to OFR?
Ibanez Xiphos XPT700
Laney VH100R
Epi Les Paul (SH-1 '59 neck, SH-11 custom custom bridge)
Ive found that the xiphos is a really nice guitar, but i also found that its like theres something missing, like someone took a knife and carved a lil bit outta the tone, id say youd be far better with a schecter hellraiser
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Check out the S520
It has a ZR tremolo
Which is probably better than the Edge III

I do like the look of the Xipho's
But I'd rather have a S520
im actually selling a halo xiphos.

pix in my sig

note- its on Ebay so if ur interested, let me know ill send the link
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