the night before last i got called up about an open mic downtown tomorrow night. a couple of my friends were planning on going, and wanted to know if i could make it short notice. unfortunately my vocalist has to work that night so im planning on going 1 piece with just my acoustic. in my regular band im backing vocals anyways, so its not exactly a problem with singing, and its not lack of coordination between singing and playing. the problem i have is occasionally when playing and singing alot at the same time i tend to start loosing my intonation and accentuation. its not a huge issue but if anyone has any tips on how to lessen that, feel free to share.
Don't play, then?
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I find just playing what you're gonna play over and over works.
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Don't play, then?

nah, im gonna play and sing no matter what, im just looking for some last minute advice to see if i can make my performance stronger.