What is the best quality pedal from the digitech line of distortion fx? I hear mixed reviews on the Death Metal distortion. I'm looking for something to spice up my sound for a low price. I play everthing from classic rock to death metal so....
What's your budget and what amp are you using? I'm sure we can recommend something that will sound better than what Digitech has to offer.
well i just said digitech cuz the line is cheap and they are a pretty big name. I use a Crate GTD120 amp and I have a MXR ZW overdrive which has way too much feedback and a Boss Distortion-1 which Im tired of. I have enough money for really any pedal and would like some recommendations. I'll also mention that my guitar is a Zakk Wylde Epiphone with the EMG 81 and 85.
Yeah I was thinkin that myself. Kinda want to go with a tube. How is the Kerry King JCM800. I dont understand why its cheaper than the original JCM800. Is it less quality?
Try the Grunge pedal, it's like the DM pedal, but with a gain control, and without a mid control. I use mine with an EQ pedal after it, and I'm fond of it.

It's heavier sounding then the DS-1 (judging by the guitar I assume that's what you're after...) and for how cheap it is, it might tide you over until you get a new amp.
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digitech grunge does not sound grunge what-so-ever and it sounds really heavy. It's $50 I think (maybe 40 not sure) and it sounds brutal if you tweak it right. DS-1 sounds like trash in comparison imo.