so my friend and i were asked to perform at a church coffee house because we have performed in services there before. They asked us to play 2-3 songs. Right now we are doing "Finish Last" by stellar kart . So we need one or two more songs to play there acousticly. I would perfer them to be christian songs, but if not then just good clean acoustic songs. we were thinking about Rise Against's "swing life away" (yeah i know it's not christian) any ideas?
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a lot of switchfoot songs are cool. me and my friend are playing these acousticly:

meant to live
the blues
dare you to move

I love all of them and they are fairly easy...good luck
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I have had no problems. Mostly because I am Jesus.
check out some classic crime, the have a cd of all acoustic songs that are really good. anberlin has some good acoustic stuff too. both bands are christian btw!
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Try anything by Hillsong United
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Check out some Iron & Wine. I know he's not really Christian, but he played at Messiah college.
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