so i just recently started playing again and i'm not sure if this is normal. all my fingers are strong when i'm soloing or doing riffs, but my pinkie is terrible. first i couldnt get it to not hit other strings, the bottom of my pinkie always covered/touched strings lower than it. now i'm getting better, but my hand has to arch very awkwardly to have my pinkie not touch the other strings. also, when i do hit a note with the pinkie it is never dead on, its always with the side of my pinkie, im cant hit a note with the very tip of my pinkie because it just doesnt seem to bend that way. is this normal? i'm sure people might just say "just practice" but practice how? thanks
hmmmmmm i would say while practicing scales always use ur pinky even if it is messing u up and keep arching and eventually it will strengthen the pinky and ur playing should improve sry that i dont know any faster trick to making it better hope this helps
This is actually a serious response: Playing Guitar Hero helps strengthen your pinkie.
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my main concern though is the arching of my pinkie, i assume not being able to hit the note with the very tip is normal since the everyones pinkie doesnt bend that way right?
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it just seems odd, so just so i understand - its normal to not be able to hit the note with your pinkie dead on, only with the side of your finger? (my pinkie is at like a 45 degree angle when it hits the string)
Haha... Guitar hero actually is an amazing pinky workout.
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sounds like your thumb is too close to your index finger.

you can try looking for dexterity lessons and see how your thumb position effects those.
i have the same prob but im kinda over it, id your thumb at the middle of the back? i find it batter to do that. other wise just practice useing your pinky, for example do hamer-ons an pull-offs with it. also look for hand strengthen excersies in lessons of this site, i cant remeber the exact name or who made it though.
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