what are the benifits of having a EMG Humbucking Active Pick Up? what makes them different? which ones should i get for an Ibanez RG and i want a Metal sounding guitar.
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Emg 81 in the bridge EMG 85 in the neck if u want metal this pickup setting wont disappoint
research it. Its too much to say on a forum. just go listen and compare

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I agree, I have an 81 in my bridge and two EMG SAs... the sound wont let you down and active pickups really bring out harmonics, taps, and sweeps. EMGs all the way.
dont limit yourself to only emgs for actives though. ive heard lots of good stuff about duncans. emgs are pretty standard as far as actives. just throwing it out there that there are other brands of good actives.
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I would get Duncan Blackout pickups. Actives are run off an 9v battery, so they have extremely high output. Good for distortion, but bad for cleans generally. And you will definately have to stock up on 9v batterys.