So i have this stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway. If i have a little 30 watt amp with a line out on it,would it be able to power a 4 x 12 speaker cabinet? I'm asking this because i have recently started playing with some other kids but i cant hear my guitar over the drums. And if it cant power a 4x12 what would be the best way to get my amp loud enough so i could hear it?

thanks and sorry again for this stupid question
A 4x12 wont actually make it louder but give it more headroom so it may help but not as much as by just getting a bigger amp. What is your amp by the way.
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its a little orange crush 30r. Oh well i guess i should start saving up for a new one. Thanks man.
yeah thats what i am probably going to do. But for now i guess im stuck plugging my amp into the PA.