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What do you do when a string breaks and you don't have extra strings?

Which are you mostly like in this problem.

1.Personally, I just continue shredding/play until I get money for new ones.

2.My friend says that he stops playing guitar until he gets money to buy strings

3.I always have a spare.
I usually rig another string to work. I've been known to use A and D strings interchangeably..


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Quote by sum_ugly_man
1, except I don't "shred".

you dont rly play guitar if you dont shred
Quote by freakypop
you dont rly play guitar if you dont shred

Shredding is not for everyone.Shredding is only for gods like us....people who don't know how to shred are the.....low-ender....

I was joking so don't go all period mode on me.
Quote by freakypop
you dont rly play guitar if you dont shred

oh really? so les paul, SRV, Hendrix, Page, Frooosh and all the players who don't play a whole bunch of notes as fast as possible don't play guitar?

On topic, I'm currently using a B string for my high E. It's about a .15 or so. Getting a good workout from bending that.
I would just go and buy new ones ASAP. Who doesn't have 10 bucks for new strings.

Don't want any hobos on my UG.
Quote by Dudage
I would just go and buy new ones ASAP. Who doesn't have 10 bucks for new strings.

Don't want any hobos on my UG.

Young man, you have change?
yeah they usually break at the bottom so if u wind the string up heaps on the tuner, u can just loosten it a bit then jam the string back in (only if u have a floyd rose)
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I'm mainly a bass player, so I'm forever breaking those puny guitar strings. It's no big deal to cope without one for a few days.
i had a different problem the other night when i went to change strings using my 'back up' set only to realize that i had poached the low E string from said 'back up' set at a time when i was f'ed up and and had to do a redo
because it was low E i gave up for the night and got 3 sets of strings the next day so i would have a back up to back up.
I just get in my car and go get a string in usually less than 12 hours. The day I can't afford a $5 pack of strings i am ****ed in many aspects of life.
I don't brake strings jokes, I always have spear.
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either three or one or in the extreme case if i'm just at the end of a song and i have a squire hello kitty guitar, i smash it do death.
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i keep my old strings and use them if i have to, or i use a thicker string, i had to do that when my friend snapped a string on my epiphone, he gave me £10 for new ones though.
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where is the option 'i pick up my other guitar and keep plAYING
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The word shredding always makes me laugh. A kid at college was playing Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton, in a concert...and he came up to me and asked "Hey dude, would you mind playing the shredding part for me?"

I nearly fainted and fell on the floor imagining Clapton shredding! I was nice and explained what shredding was though

Oh, and more on topic: I ALWAYS break the high G on my 12 string so I'm often playing with 11.
I just put the guitar down and pick up a different guitar. I've always got spares though for when I do want to restring it. I bought a 10 pack of d'addario's and I've got about 5 left still.
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Quote by Dudage
I would just go and buy new ones ASAP. Who doesn't have 10 bucks for new strings.

Don't want any hobos on my UG.

Lol hey don't pay out on the hobos! We have feelings too! Besides, when I break a guitar string I still have my harmonica...The guitar string bluuuues.
First I dream of the day I'll be aloud to drive then i ask my dad when he can take me to the music store to get the string then I use my brothers guitar until I can get mine fixed up.
I never cut my strings for that very reason. If one breaks, I just roll it out a bit more, tune up, and continue playing.
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I always have spare sets, but if I want to play rather than changing strings I use another guitar.
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Yea I always try to have another set. If I have 1 set left, that means I need to buy more. And I rarely break strings anyways, the only times I have is when I was just starting out and turned the tuning peg the wrong way
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my friend said that when you break a string that u need to replace the whole set because its better for the guitar but i dont really think tat
number 3. I always have extra strings. If I don't, I will just continue playing until I get a new pair.
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i replace it with modellin wire

Happy birthday Slash
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