Tonight im going to be running my Valveking and Randall Head together with my cab in stereo. So each amp would have there own speakers. The Question is, do you know of any artists that do something similar. I know God Forbid recorded through 5150 II's then re-amped it through a Flextone.

"How did you get such a super-tight, clear sound?

Doc: First, we recorded four rhythm guitar tracks—two for each side of the mix. The performances must be absolutely precise, because the songs are extremely technical, and we’re dealing with lots of very specific picking. We used a direct signal from a Peavey 5150 II for all four tracks, and then, during the mix, we re-amped each guitar track through a Line 6 Flextone, which was the missing ingredient to get the picking clarity we were after. We wound up using about a 60/40 blend of 5150 and Flextone. "

I’m looking at getting that same type of tone. My Valveking just isn’t lively enough for me and the low-end is to loose. So figured what the hell and picked up a Randall Head. I've wanted to test it out the theory for a while now. But I want to have some references to go by. Example when they talk about the 60/40 split and I need some eq'ing suggestions. I don’t want to sit there for hours since I have twice the knobs now lol. I would like to go in with at least a basic guide to running two amps at once..