ok, so, im planning on buying a new guitar and amp, im looking at some epiphones. so far i've found a lp studio, an epi sg 400, and a fender strat stand.

the two amps i've been looking at are the roland 20x and 30x.

any other things i should look at??
we need your musical styles, budget, and previous gear, so people can make a good suggestion.
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musical styles, hmmm i would say rock, clas. rock, and just about anythin, budget.. 350 for guitar and, ehh 200 for amp..previous gear, CRAAAP!!!!!!!!!. i have an ibanez gio (really crappy) a woods acoustic which is really nice an acoustic epiphone 12 string, and a 10w ibanez practice amp
The Rolands are nice amps, but look into vox valvetronix amps. They got the good tube sound that lots of classic rock players used.
yeah i mean, i will eventually gig, im starting a band over the summer and hopefully going to enter battle of the bands in december.
oh, and also, wats the deal with the big $ for tube amps their like over twice as expensive as a reguler amp
usually sound way better
epi les pual custom
ad15vt > for sale
valve jr head and cab
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They sound more "organic".
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Dark Thief - you can get a Standard Strat with a humbucker for about $400 new. You won't find too many amps for $200. At least not new, or tube based or loud enough to gig with. Will you buy used gear? I'm not sellin but my amp is about $300 new and is loud as f*ck but is not tube. You will need to consider effect pedals too right? Start cutting grass or something to make some quick cash.
alright thanx, i'll have to go to my local gc to try out some stuff, u never kno. i might even find

something i like more than an sg or lp, or even a strat......the only concern of mine is the location

of the pickups, my friend said that the middle pickup is where he picks, and it sometimes gets in

the way, has anyone had that problem or is it just him?
Look up amps and guitars on craigslist as well m8, you never know...
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What do people usually do after they **** their sisters?
thanx for all your help guys, i finnaly bought my guitar AND amp.. its an epiphone les paul cherry sunburst, and a..drum roll plz, MARSHALL 250DFX, i luv this combo, ac/dc is a piece of cake, i can turn the gain up to half way and add a quarter reverb and i got that classic ac/dc sound, and half the fun of the amp is annoying my relatives that live under 100 yards away, lolz..anyway, thanx a bunch,

\,,/(-_-)\,,/ rock on
oooo....big mistake there buddy. I like the epiphone (although a strat would be just as good) Marshall MG amps are terrible. return it as fast as you can and get a cube or a valvetronix. the cube isn't very loud but the 30 watt valvetronix can get as loud as that 100 watt POS you got
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