So im in the process of building a sweet 2x12 cabinet, and a 1x15 cabinet. Im looking for a head that is decent priced, all tube, 50-100 watts, two channels. able to play metal, not deep dark eternal hate of my bleeding soul douche-metal, but something with a good hunk of gain that doesnt get overly muddy. something with a nice bass response, but has some nice crispy highs for some leads. A decent clean channel would be awesome too. a good reverb tank is definitely a plus.

I've played both of the amps ive listed. Both of which are completely different, and i like each one for their different abilities. im more leaning towards he b-52. the class a/ab/solid state capabilities are pretty impressive. Ive read tons of reviews, and they are apparently built like tanks. The customer service on hem is apparently very good.

the valveking i havent read anything spectacular on, nor bad. so im in the dark on that amp.

can anyone else recommend a head within the 400-600 dollar range? Used is definitely what im after, i can get the at-100 used for 350, the VK used for 400.
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yeah. if i were to get he AT, i would put new tubes in, new pots, new caps, etc.
fight the power that be
Quote by Guitarzan1143
yeah. if i were to get he AT, i would put new tubes in, new pots, new caps, etc.

AT with some 6550s/KT88s would sound preety beast...
I went to GC a while back and bought the B-52 at-212 ans loved it. BUT, the reverb went out. Also the first time i played a show with it, it just cut off and stopped working in the middle of a set. So I took it back and got the 212 VK. I like the b-52 better but you would not believe how much the thing weighs and I just could not trust it. I would say go with the VK and get you a good EQ pedal. My MXR has done wonders for mine.