Whenever I record music it records ok for like 3 seconds, then the volume drops on it too. The waves are nice and thick then they get small while im in the middle of recording it! then i play it back and you can here the volume drop and everything dubs out like its be played through a blanket. Can figure why it keeps doing it. those first 3 seconds sound awesome then that happens. yes i checked the audacity forum. and no, im not recording intensely loud.
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It must be turning itself down to try and drown out your terrible shredding!

hahahaa j/k I have no idea what that could be. Good luck
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Well that sounds weird. Try downloading another free program like Kristal and see if it happens in that. Then you'll know if it's a fault with Audacity or not. I'd like to help more, but I don't know a great deal about Audacity.
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i know you said that you weren't recording intensely loud but i have this idea....
if you were accidentally recording it at a high level, maybe due to a software feature, the software might see all the feedback and reduce the recording volume or something.
it's just an idea.
when i use garageband and i monitor what i'm recording through the speakers on my laptop, i have to turn feedback protection off otherwise when i record with a lot of gain, it stops the monitoring through the speakers because it thinks thats why there's a lot of feedback.

just an idea. hope it helped.