I downloaded an iso file and i got ISOmagic.

I've burnt the file to a disc and when i get through the installation it comes up with "please insert adobe discs".

So can anyone help me with the 'mounting' of iso files to magic maker and how it works?
on the program there should be an option for "mount image" do that and click the ISO you want to mount.
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just mount them to a virtual disk using Alcohol120%


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that's a good program, though I prefer Daemon.

Yeah, they both work really well. I used to use Daemon but I just got into the habit of using Alcohol.

TS, if you're going to use Alcohol120%, do this...

first tell the program to make you some virtual drives. These are going to show up like regular CD/DVD drives under My Computer.

After you have a couple created, there will be a list of all your virtual drives in the main window of Alcohol, at the bottom. Right click whichever one, and go to "Mount Image."

Then, just navigate to the ISO file you want to mount. After it's been mounted you can simply double-click the mounted ISO file from My Computer. It should go through the installation process then.