Gday, I had my heart set on the Peavey valveking 112, but all the stores i went into that didnt sell them said they are very unreliable,

Anyway mainly for this reason, i am considering the Randall RG50tc combo. Which is better for metal? I also would like the quality cleans, which was why i was considering the valveking in the first place.

So basically, which amp is better suited to mainly metal, and a bit of other stuff,
and secondly is it true that the Randall would probably be more reliable?
Also, considering the extra cost of the Randall, if i were to get the VK, i could probably afford to chuck in a new speaker.

Any advice or recommendations would be great.
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yeah this would be helpful im kinda in the same situation!

EDIT:you will probably get more replies in the GG&A forum
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not to say i've played both and have much of an opinon, but you probably shouldn't take a shop that sells one amp and not the others opinion on the amp that they dont sell...

try and find a shop that sells both, they might be able to give a less biast opinion
The Randall will be able to achieve a better metal tone on its own, but I can't speak for the cleans. I'd say find a shop that sells both and test them out on your own. I've heard that with a new speaker and new tubes, the VK becomes quite a beast, but I still stick by the Randall for metal.
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The Randall can get you a much more brutal metal tone than the Valveking.
But I highly recommend the Valveking over the Randall.
The Valveking is plenty reliable, and it sounds much better.

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I chose not to buy a VK because it is so unreliable; just read the reviews on any site that sells them. I haven't heard anything bad about Randall RG50TC's reliability
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
here let me throw another option at you. a peavey classic 30 can do metal IF you get a good pedal with it... like an EH metal muff. im just throwing it out there because the classic series have better cleans, more reliable components and the cabinet seems to be of higher quality (compared to the valveking). i can't comment on the randall though, ive never played one.
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VK is good. BUT NO PEDAL which sux and with real high gain, the feedback sux. i got a dean with dimebucker and the feedback is crazy, but hopefully should be gettin a pedal for that soon.