A story about strange creatures in a strange land,
who live in a red valley, between a red canyon, in a red land
that stretches as far as possible.

A hunter was born, killed a creature,
and proclaimed a hunter.
He partook in the flesh that he was to young to earn.

Throughout his life he was taught,
by the elder hunter,
what is what
who is who.

The sun burns his outer self,
scars on his fingers,
learning what he must,
to live up to his call,

traveling through the outlands,
with the other hunters,
killing the prey,
bringing back the flesh.

Dusk. The hunters leave,
so does he,
spears in hand they search,
nocreatures to be found,

Head into the unkown,
to find nourishent,
the group splits,
he heeds the hunters call,

He runs back, but falls,
bones broken, blood running red,
he calls for help, but they do not heed.

He lays his weary head on a rock,
and closes his eyes,
a sepreate pepole,
take him to thier camp.

similar, but different,
they tie him to a post,
the dust cakes his body,

the sun sets and the darkness takes over,
The land turns blue.
the build a mighty flame, crackling in the sky,
a sign of sure destruction,
They untie him from post,
the leader looks him into the eye,

A spear, pierces his heart,
he looks at the killers,
then into the sky,
and he closes his eyes.

As his kin dance, for the sucesses
for those who returned,
they celebrate, as thier shadows cast upon
the red canyon wall,

The watcher stands upon a red cliff,
ever vigliant, for the missing being.