hi m8s

i just wanted to ask how long would a epi hold compaired to a gibson or other guitars like fender/squier?

i got a lp studio model ( hope it lasts 4more yeras) and wanna buy slash epi ( i know ) so i wonder how long would it hold...cuz it's sadlly limited lifetime...
It's a guitar, not a crate of eggs. If you don't beat the crap out of it or light it on fire, it will last forever. The electronics might need to be cleaned or swapped out after 10-15 years, but there's nothing that's going to just fall apart. Get a tech to check the truss rod once a year, don't leave it in your car, it'll be around a long time.
I've got a 1965 Kalamazoo melody maker. This was about the crappiest guitar you could buy in the US at the time- MDF body, awful tuners, bizarre and awful pickups, skanky wiring, you name it. 40 years later it's had exactly zero parts changed. Your epi is built twice as well as this thing was, it will last just as long.
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