hey peeps,

recenly got my hands on a RG1570,

and the trem bar is like loose... not like its going to fall out,

but like it wobbles everywhere. (swings back and forth getting in the way)

anyone know if you can tightern them or anything??
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Grab the smallest allen wrench you got with the guitar, put the bar in and press down on it a little.

To make this a bit easier to understand, turn your guitar so that you're looking down the neck, with the headstock pointing away from you.

You should be looking at the rear of the bridge now.

When looking at the back of the trem, you'll see a small hole in front of the arm.

Stick in the small allen key and turn it; if the arm has become looser, you're turning the wrong way

If you don't get what I'm saying, refer to the manual.

One minor note, if you have an RG1570 the trem will be an Edge pro, unless it has been swapped, of course.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
ahh thatsnks, thats what i ment, whered i get lo from ...


thanks mate, ill suss it out.
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i dont understand, so i need to replace the plastic washers?
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