i was looking on ebay for a bridge.....and i came across this certain bridge.


does it not include the springs that you put in the back of the body? how exactly does it work?
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it doesnt it doesn't have a tremelo arm and it has no springs and your junior has a hardtail so you know how it works its justed bolted on the guitar
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as far as i know, a hardtail bridge is that kind of bridge, which is not a tremolo, lol.
look at teh bridge, that is a double locking floyd rose style bridge.
and here we have a hardtail bridge.

PS: the link on your bridge doesent open.
looks like a strat's trem bridge, stable like a TOM.

no moving parts, bolted to the body like said.
uses individual saddle adjustment screws, in case you want to lift only one string.

comes in handy especially with lower - intermediate guitars.
because a high fret can wreck ur action. this way you get tuning stability and easy action adjustment.

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Its the nicest thing ever, if you are willing to give up your floyd pyrotechniques
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Its the nicest thing ever, if you are willing to give up your floyd pyrotechniques

Correct. Hardtail FTW!
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