Hi guys,

(Apologies if I should be posting this elsewhere)

I bought a Fender AG-10 SN a few years back off a guy I worked with and since it's just sat in my spare room. I did a search on here and couldn't find much, likewise on google, but I was wondering what it's roughly worth.

Fender's website says the AG-10 went for between $269 and $289 or something like that, but have no price for the SN model.

I'm not definitely looking at selling it but I paid £50 (approx $100) for it and it's still in good as new condition. It's more curiousity and hoping I didn't get ripped off!


Well, play it...does it sound good? Does it feel good? Does it have a feel/sound worth what you paid?

If it is the model I think it is and played myself...I didn't like it and I think it ran 200 something.
Well I'm currently learning (on an electric) and I find it a lot harder to play - from what I have tried on it it has a nice sound and the strat neck is quite nice (imo)
Well, since you are just beginning you probably haven't really gotten to compare the guitar with other guitars and all.

Don't worry though, it is probably okay for only $50. Just have fun with it mate.