Hi guys

You might remember me wanting to get a lighter guitar...so I did! Got this absolutely wicked 21 year old Jap Fender in mint condition (for it's age lol). The only thing visually wrong with it is it's got rust on screws and pickup poles. I know rust won't really affect my sound at all, and I can probably find new screws to replace the rusty ones, but I haven't a clue what to do with the rust on my pickups.

It's a E series fender made in 87. An absolute gem, I highly recommend this guitar to anyone.

if you use 0000 steel wool, the shavings will fall off onto the pups magnet.

so you can buff the metal lightly, with some very fine sandpaper. you want it to buff the metal, not scratch it all to hell.

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if it still works then leave it... that'll be what antique dealers call patina... the lived in look...
Thank you please.