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what kind of stuff happen to the playability of the guitar when fret wear starts to get bad?
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Lol..Well honestly I've never had it happen..Or at least never noticed it

That was useful...

But on my Jackson some of my frets have got a bit weathered, and the only difference I feel is that It's WAY less smooth when I bend and looks plain ugly, although I'm sure there's more.
Lol no one else was replying..Thought I'd give my little bit of experience..oooooh! i should add..I've had the guitar im talking about for..5 months...So consider my opinion on this completely void!
The frets can wear quite a bit before it causes problems, but when they get too bad you will start to get random buzzing in the worn areas and bends will be harder and stuff. If you usually play open chords or down the neck you can usually get away (very cheaply) by just refretting a few frets. Otherwise it's a full fret job which can be anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on who you take it too.
Well I'm no expert but I thought fret wear was something that occured after years and years of hardcore playing. Remember even with a guitar with worn frets you can still play slide on it
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ahahaha cool... I think my strat is getting harder to play... but I've solved that problem because I've already ordered in a custom strat neck with stainless steel frets

thanx for help