Well..I'm not entirely sure if this is even the right place to post this..but anyway..

Whenever I play at my friends place I play in his shed with a concrete floor and..In the middle of playing I'll get an electric shock through the strings..Noone else gets it even though my friend has the same amp as me...I'm the only one who seems to get it and they all think I'm insane...I've played in other similar places and never had it happen...Maybe my amps ****ed...Maybe I AM insane...Maybe my mates house is possesed...

Any help would be very appreciated.
It could be due to the chemical composition of your sweat...
Or a grounding problem with you.
Is the grounding fine on your guitar?
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could be your guitar, amp or cable....tho probs the guitar. swap and see if he gets shocked.
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first... swap your guitar and try... maybe your friends will be possessed too...

if this is the case, put a thin wire from the bridge to the shield of the cable (the external metal of the plug, and let it work
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lol..well i tried swapping guitars..but when i suggested this i was simply told "**** YOU MAN! I DONT WANNA DIE!"..um i took his lead and it made no difference...we were both playing in the same place with the same equipment (excluding guitar) ..Noone would touch my guitar or swap amps..lol yeah they accused me of being insane and yet they still wouldn't touch my stuff
Oh and um..How would i go about checking if the grounding is fine? I assume it would be seeing as nothing's happend to any of my mates..
test it on your friend.
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It is grounding. Possibly the plug your amp is plugged to, try a different one. If not, check the amp and guitar. If you don't know how, have it done professionally. Your getting a little shock now, but there is potential in these situations for lethal amounts to come over the strings.
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I get this problem in my basement, usually it's my fault for being too statically charged, so it will only happen once. check the grounding on the guitar like everyone has said, but before you do, say you fixed the guitar and give it to your mates to see if they get shocked, just to make sure it is the guitar.
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Get an anti-static spray..spray that all over you and then check your guitar..maybe your just too static rather than your guitar
The good news: if it was a grounding problem with your amp, there's a good chance you wouldn't still be here to tell us about it...

With most problems it's best to try and replicate the problem using different guitars/amps/leads etc, to narrow it down. If it does turn out to be the amp, get it to a tech immediately. If not, Static sounds like a likely fault so try playing somewhere else with the same equipment. For that or a grounding problem, most of the suggestions above should help.
Wear rubber soled shoes. You should NEVER stand on a concrete floor barefoot while there are amps on the same floor. Concrete conducts electricity and that is the reason for the shock, but if the electricity in the shed ever shorts out, it would go in the floor and probably kill you.
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it's probably that your not grounded cuz i had a guitar that did this but it only buzzed soo i had to sit and keep my feet off the floor and play and it would buzz or i had to stand on a peice of board or wear shoes with heavy rubber pading and it would quit soo it's possibly your not grounded
Lol well then...With all that talk of me frying..I'm starting to appreciate life a whole lot more!

When I look back on it...I never had a problem when I had my shoes on....Seems so bloody obvious and yet it didn't even cross my mind.