my computer at my house wont recognize the speakers i have in
they're regular speakers with a headphone jack that i plugged into the back of my computer
its not the speakers cos i plugged my ipod into the speakers and they worked fine

my itunes says that there is an audio problem, so when i go to the control panel under audio and speech devices, it doesn't even recognize the speakers

please help?
Speakers aren't normally listed in the control panel, are you sure they're in the right jack in the back of your computer? You could have plugged them into the wrong one. But if your computer is telling you there's a problem, your audio drivers may be buggered.
What Audio drivers do you use?
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What version (I'm assuming here) of Windows are you running?
Can you get sound from anywhere else (like the "windows noises" or Media Player?
What does the error message say from iTunes?

I'll try and help, but I need to know a few of these things first...