I have read lots of things about this amp, i am considering buying it but some people say they loves there, others say that hate it. I will be playing metal mostly but i will also be playing blues, funk, indie and i will use the clean setting.
I have kinda got a budget but im just saving up at the moment but really no more than £300.
Get an all-valve combo. More expensive, but definately worth it in the end. Go do some research and you'll find something you like.
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AVT's aren't too bad, in my experience they've had decent distortion and nice cleans, but you say you'll mostly be playing metal, and AVT's aren't heavy enough for metal.

I've heard that the Valveking 112 is good. It's all-tube and only £279 on GAK. (Link)
However, if you can save an extra £39, you can get the 212 on GAK. (Link)

The 212 is louder, and I've heard some people saying they're sound a little better too. I'm not too experience with Peavey though, so you may want somebody elses opinion on those amps.
All I can say is, NOOOOOOOO. I have one, and I hate it. Listen to the people who say you should get an ALL valve amp. It will definately be worth your money.
ill sell you my DSL401 for 300 quid - had it since end of october 2007.

It does maiden perfect on OD2, work well for metallica, alter bridge, sabbath etc with the right settigns.
I do use a distortion pedal for when insane gain is needed, but thats not what marshall valve amps are about :P
I'd pick up the Peavey VK not an amazing amp by any means but a million times better than the AVT (which is really just a cheap SS practice amp dressed up to look decent). If you can pick one up used you can spend the savings on a new speaker and valves, which can make a huge improvement.
Laney do much nicer amps than the VK around your budget.

The LC30 will put out the gain levels your after.

The VC30 is a much nicer amp and with an OD will get you the same levels of gain. Cranked up. The VC would do maiden on its own.
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What is it with everyone and valve amps. When solid state amps came out they were the best thing since sliced bread and valve amps dropped dramatically in price. Now it has all changed. I have the AVT 150 half stack and it is great I play thrash metal and I get a great crisp tone from it and when I need it some crushing heavy distortion. I paid four hundred and sixty for mine in total and it is great even though it only has one or two tubes it still gets a really good valve tone. Obviously the valve tone isn't as good as having a valve amp but it is still really good. Also, It is made in Great Britain !

That's what's with everyone.

I used to absolutely love my ss. Then I tried tube amps.
The rest is history.

There are some good SS amps though, but the avt's aren't one of them.

Edit: SS bashing aside, the flextone III would be a good option.
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I have kinda got a budget but im just saving up at the moment but really no more than £300.

get something like a peavey valveking.
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Well although I love valve amps personally, for metal, SS amps are generally better
Can a Laney VC30 do metal with a boost and overdrive/distortion anyone?
I always said it could when I tried it, but looking back I'm not 100% convinced.
If it can then you COULD look at those? Or LC30's for more of a modern tone
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Well although I love valve amps personally, for metal, SS amps are generally better

well yes, but only true in the TS's price range. I mean 99% of metal guitarists use tube amps so that's really a fair statement.
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