If there is a heaven, what would be the best band up there?
Like the dream band thread but only with dead guys.

I'm thinking

Kurt Cobain - Singing
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
Jaco Pastorius - Bass
John Bonham - Drums
The Rolling Stones

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The guitar of Hendrix with the whiny singing of Kurt Cobain? That's like having the body of Jessica Alba with the head of John Prescott. You're just ruining it.
no, Curt Cobain wouldn't want to play because he's angry that his death caused is mainstreamness(?)
God would be telling John Bonhom to calm down
no one would want to play with hendrix since he;d be all like "they say i'm the best guitarist ever, i won't disagree"
which just leaves litte Jaco Pastorius all by him self playin a bass solo
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What about Dimebag Darrel? He should be in this band somewhere.

Nah. Then the band would be loved by angry 13 year olds.
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What about Dimebag Darrel? He should be in this band somewhere.

i doubt dimebag Darrel would get along with Kurt Cobain

there all dead for a reason...YEAH i said it!!!(but i didnt meen it )
Kurt Kobain went to hell because he commited suicide. read the ****ing bible man.
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Kurt Kobain went to hell because he commited suicide. read the ****ing bible man.


I didn't like Nirvana anyway.

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i really dont like jaco in there, hes amazing in all... but what other dead bassists are there?

Bassists tend to live forever man
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i appologize in the most sincer way.

ill try to revive.
(is bootsey collins dead yet? lol) if not then jaco
vocals ill go with jim morrison.

i really dont like jaco in there, hes amazing in all... but what other dead bassists are there?

Cliff Burton?

I don't even like Metallica and I got it.
misleading thread is misleading. i genuinely thought this was going to be about which jams were nicest.

*sigh* back to my cave.
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Bass - Cliff Burton
Guitar - Dimebag
Guitar - Randy Rhoads
Drums - Vitek
Vocals - James Hetfield :P (I couldn't think of any dead vocalists that would fit in a metal band)
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What about a massive blues jam with the likes of ....

Robert Johnson
Elmore James
Stevie Ray
Muddy Waters

and Frank Zappa he could be on his own somewhere
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Meat Loaf or David Lee Roth - Vocals
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eddie Van Halen - Guitars
Cliff Burton - Bass
Alex Van Halen - Drums

edit: oh crap they're meant to be dead?

lmao in that case

Vocals - Freddie Mercury
Guitar - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Guitar - Randy Rhoads
Bass - Cliff Burton
Drums - No Idea :P
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Carmel is hawt
You - Guitarist
Sister - Singer
Dad - Drummer
Mom - Bassist

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i like the TS's line up.
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
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Jerry Garcia - Guitar
Ray Charles - Piano
George Harrison - Bass
John Bonham since I can't think of a better dead drummer.

To Threadstarter: E-slap for saying Kurt Cobain
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Bass Cliff Burton
Drums John Bonham
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Bassists tend to live forever man
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Bon Scott - Vocals
Paul Kossof - Guitar
John Entwistle - Bass
Cozy Powell - Drums

Cause I'm old skool!
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I bet cliff burton and dime would get along for a cool jam
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Guitar 1- Randy Rhoads
Guitar 2- Dimebag Darrell
Bass - Cliff Burton
Drums - John Bonham
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Epic post. Wish I could say more, but I don't know much about the subconscious and other psychological stuff.
john lennon writing the songs and paul mccartneys career singing them. (haha I went there, mr wit in the hizhouse!)

Edit: I'd get mozart and beethoven together!! mint or what, see what they think of hendrix..
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just a few of my fans..

-Singing: Robert Plant
-Bass: John Entwistle
-Guitar 1: Jimi hendrix
-Guitar 2: Jimmy Page ( 1969 Page, not 70s.) (Or eric clapton)
Drums: Keith Moon

No jam is as epic as this:
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