What do you guys think? Should I buy the EC-1000 or a Viper model.

Anyone own either of them? Like them? Hate them?

well, i have the ec-500 and i have played the 1000. they are basically the same.
the viper was also pretty good.
for me, it came down to the body style you prefer.
I've played both. It's really a matter of preference. Both guitars have their ups and downs.

EC-1000: If you go the EMG route, you get 81/60, which is a bit more versatile than the 81/85 or 81/81 on Vipers, but at the same time, since it's a Les-Paul style, upper fret access could be better.

Viper: Nice upper fret access, but notorious for being neck-heavy, which may or may not be an issue for you.

Best bet is to try them both out, on the same amp with the same settings, and both sitting down and standing up.
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Thanks guys.

I think I'm looking more towards the EC model. I've always been a sucker for LP's. But I wasn't sure if the Vipers had something else to offer.
I asked myelf the same question before I made my choice.

I ended up with the viper. It is neck heavy, but a good wide strap will take care of that. Its much lighter which is nice for playing long sets. Has killer tone and crunch, sounds sick on cleans...

I love mine
The EC is not near as heavy as a LP, it has a much thinner body and are much more comfartable to play with more upper fret-access.
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I would say EC1000. They both play similar, but the EC looks a lot nicer, in my opinion. Also, it has a 60 in the bridge.
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