Hey guys,

I'm shopping around for a multi effects pedal and was wondering if any of you know of a pedal that is under 100$. I'm pretty strapped for cash at the moment.

I'm looking for the following effects to be included in the pedal:

Wah Wah

Digitech makes an RP line that is good for the money and will do all of those things. To get the wah pedal you can look at the RP250, which is what i have, but it is $150 new. Built like a tank. Search on here for RP250 and good luck
Save your money up, or buy good pedals one at a time. You'll be happier later. Those multi-effects get the job done, but the cheap ones are pretty bad.

I'd say just get a good distortion first, then a wah, then a phaser, then a compressor. But really for good suggestions you'll have to tell us what kind of music you'd like them to cater towards.
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You can probably get older models on eBay, but you might be better off saving up a bit and getting a new, middle-of-the-road Line6 Pod model or the Digitech RP250. The Digitech RP150 would be about $100, but you wouldn't have the expression pedal for the wah pedal, you would just have an auto-wah.
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Danelectro makes a line of pedals that are all under $100. They even make some that are only around $15. But i think, right now at least, a multi-fx would be better. An RP250 from Digitech would work. Zoom has a multi-fx with an expression pedal for about $100 i think.
I also have the Digitech RP250 ($150 new) and it's really nice for the price. If your absolute limit is $100 then the Digitech RP90 has many of the same features including an assignable expression pedal. You can probably find one cheaper used or open box. The RP90 has a plastic shell instead of metal (like the 250) and it has less amp/cab and stompbox models and a few less drum patterns. Also it does not have a USB port so you have to edit and create patches by pressing the buttons on the pedal instead of using software on the computer.

But the RP90 for $100 new would do what you want and it has a decent assignable expression pedal along with a bunch of other goodies.
The Digitech RP90 is good and is about (sorry, if this is wrong, I'm English) $140!

The only effect I'm not certain it has is compression! It does have good wah, phaser and distortion though!
It does have compression
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I tried the digitech, didn't like it, nothing wrong with the effects or anything,, just for me-- was to much trying to program different settings on differnet "channels"

I took the advice of some replies to my post and invested in individual pedals, for me, it was just better, quick adjustments to individual effects. there are some decent effects that dont require you to break the bank to get, dan electro is pretty good, they have products starting under 20 bucks each, and you can go up. Like the fab phaser starts at 15 bucks, then theresa model for 25, and again at 45 (or something like that) it's worth looking into