well i work at a truckstop and we've got some slot machine games in one of the back rooms and some dudes came in last night and tried to rip off the money in them, well they were acting shady when they came in so me and the chick i was working with kept an eye on them. it was obvious what was going on but we played dumb and kept watching them, waiting for proof that they were robbing us...so i walked by and went into the cooler and saw one of the machines all jacked up in the game room and figured that was good enough. went about my business and made it back up to the front of the store and used my cell phone to call the cops...well the dudes must've known i was on to them cause they started to take off and grabbed some tvs we had on display (that i didn't know about until later) anyway they made it to their cars and almost got away but our local police force got 'em before they could get away. cops searched their cars and said they must be pros cause they had about $15,000 in cash and other random merchandise from other places they got to. serves 'em right for thinking i'm just some dumbass at a gas station. and to top it off one of my customers was a midget (cheerful little people i must say) and the usual groups of hot chicks. anyone else have a good night or ever catch crooks in the act? if so please share!
Pussy, you should've impressed the girl by single-handedly kicking each and every arse in sight.

Good going though.
haha, as much as i would have liked to have whooped some redneck ass...there was 7 of 'em and that's a bit much for me.
Haha awesome. There have been some assholes stealing stuff in my town lately and its retarded.
In a slightly twisted way, I always hope something like that would happen to me, just to see how I would truly react to it.
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haha, as much as i would have liked to have whooped some redneck ass...there was 7 of 'em and that's a bit much for me.


seriously though, nice one

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LOL, nice
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Slooj, I'd bang you so hard.

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Some guys tried to steal my watch off me once. Which would have worked fine

I wasnt actually wearing it and holding it right in front of my face.
Ill get the typical pit response out of the way early shall i.

"You bitch! Why'd u have ta dob us in to the fuken feds!"


Congrats on the capture, id imagine it would feel pretty good that you don't get ranted at in the morning when the boss found out. Ive never done anything that cool, closest i came was catching some black guy trying to steal my bike underneath the house. He tried to swing a shovel at me but i grabbed it and kind of threw it away. He then ran off b4 i could get a hit in, basterd
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Listen to this guy, he's australian. If there are any people out there who know how to handle women it's australians.
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You know what would have been even more impressive? Some capital letters where necessary

Oh, damn. I forgot there was a key that changes letters to capitals, sorry.