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15 52%
14 48%
Voters: 29.
I tried everything but my POS Dean 79 Z still buzzes incessantly on the Low E and A strings if I pluck even semi-hard. GRRRRRRRR Why didn't I just get an Ibanez!!!!!
...and Ibanez solves all your problems? Doubt it. Its in the setup of the guitar. If you dunno how, take it to a shop. If you do they adjust the truss rod and bridge height, and a possible neck shim. Good luck.
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its all in the set up. And if you have it drop tuned alot with light strings it will be even worse.
1. if you're tuning down, get thicker strings.
2. check the curve of your neck, you may need to adjust the truss rod.
3. your fret might be worn down and the strings may slap against the first couple of frets.
for that, either you get a new fret, or you take off the fret put a little block of wood, i mean little, under the nut then glue it all together to raise it up some so the strings dont hit the frets.
4. tighten all the bolts and stuff inside and out, especially the tuners, those come lose sometimes.
5. maybe you have even frets, one may be uneven and would need to be filed down a little bit.

thats all i can think of right now.
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