I am fairly new guitarist and trying to learn the acoustic version of my sacrifice by Creed. I am trying to understand this DADADD tuning to get the sound right. Can anyone tell me exactly where I need to place my finger on the frets to get this tuned properly. There is an explination on the creed acoustic tab but is a little confusing to me. Any help would be appreciated. Also are there any other songs that use this tuning?
Just use a cromatic tuner =]

Best use loose strings, or that B string D is going to break...

E > 1 full step down > D
B > 3 half steps up > D
G > 1 full step up > A
D > Unchanged > D
A > Unchanged > A
E > 1 full step down > D

It seems to be a variation on Dsus4, a popular tuning among acoustic guitarists (DADGAD)
Do you mean how to tune it?
First play the octave (12th fret) of your 6th string and tune it so it sounds exectly the same as your standart D string then, let the 5th sting in its A tunning the same for the D than use the octave trick for on your 5th string to get the G to an A. And use the same trick to do this for the last to D's with the standart D tuned string.. I hope you get this?