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Notepad for sure.

FrontPage is ok, I guess. But I find it too fussy.
HTML-kit is good and free. For the love of god, don't use Dreamweaver or Frontpage or something.

Like Notepad, but better (and for Linux - not sure if there's a Windows or Mac version available). You can tell it to highlight syntax from a number of programming and markup languages for you.

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Frontpage i find is the easiest to use...

If your up on all of the HTML script BS then i guess notepad would be easier to manipulate exactly how you want, otherwise, just cheat and use frontpage
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I, medick and Zappp prefer EditPlus

I just looked up.

Looks like I'm going to use this for a long, long time.

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I, medick and Zappp prefer EditPlus

That's a five-star review for any company
notepad 2 or if ya want something like frontpage: download NVU
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I like vim, but if you are allergic to the command line, then Notepad++ is pretty good as well, it just depends what you are looking for.

An HTML editor is different from web design software (which I guess you could call an HTML IDE), if you just want to edit raw HTML then you can use notepad++ or vim, but if you want to design a full web page from the ground up then you'll want something like dreamweaver, unless you are really patient and good at HTML :p

It just depends on what you are looking for
i was brought up on notepad but i use dreamweaver on real projects because it's on all the machines i use, it makes code easier to read, allows you to go faster, and helps you to use everything you know w/o searching for it

EDIT: i don't really use it for html it's moar for php, cf, ant javascript
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