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44 70%
Ps2, Skateboard, random crap
28 44%
Voters: 63.
You can buy a PS2 on ebay for what, 50 bucks?
Get a Wii or something. Or better yet, guitar stuff.
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Am i the only one confused by wii being 100% and ps2 being 40%?

Thats 140% :S:S:S

Woah...it fixed after i posted...but i swear it said 140%....IM NOT GOING CRAZY!
buy a PS3/360

i have a wii and it sucks, the graphics are trashy most of the games are not-very-well-done third party games which don't provide much intertainment
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Wii gets old after you play it a few times.

agreed, I own one, and love the VC games, but it sure isn't a system for someone who traditionaly enjoys playing video games. It's good for parties and such, but not much else. Also I'm suffering major depression because smash bros was dumbed down to become accessible to everyone just like every other wii game. I waited so long for that game, hoping it would totally redeam my wii, just to be completely disapointed.
Wii...i own a 360 and the only thing that it is good for is for Halo fans. CoD and such fps games can be played on PC. Ps3...has not good games. The Wii is the only thing that has something new to offer. Besides....Wii has Brawl!
i myself own a wii and it isnt something that you cant live without if you really want a skate board. you can always just save the money and get a wii later.