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i honestly think i would curl into a heap on the floor and moan for a century

what about you!!
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i'd have found something else to waste my time on.
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I got crap to do, okay? Counter-Strike isn't going to play itself.
Life would go on, the sites not that big a deal to me, sometimes i tire of the total idiots that roam these forums.

I don't even use this site for tabs, it doesn't have the tabs i need for the music i like.
think about the ****ness of reality.

I would probably buy the MG 100dfx half stack,
wouldn't know nothing about guitars.
so...thanks UG.
If it wouldn't be here I would probably now be staring at my monitor and move icons around desktop cuz I'm soooo bored xD
1. You're surfing the internet.
2. You're browsing through the UG forums.
3. You're reading now.
5. You didn't notice that there was no #4.
6. You just checked it.
7. Now you're having a lil smile.

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You Sir, have the best signature like ever!
Concentrate more on my poker game right now.
Professional Mixing available at request.

Everton FC
I would play guitar.
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
I wouldn't know the difference between a solid state or a tube amp.

I would be a hell of a lot better at guitar

Forza Juve

'e voglia 'e mettere rum, chi nasce strunz' nun po' addiventà babbà
Carrying ona normal life

minus pictures of random cats and the knoweldge of the internets inside jokes lol.

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I cut my tongue with a spoon.

Andrew Wk Party Tip 11Be Awesomer!

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Please daddy, just for one hour.
more homework, more guitar, more social life

things i should be doing anyway
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
Without UG, I would probably be playing WoW again.

Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
I would not fap to a picture of kensai.

Procede to stalk kensai.
multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
"The hacienda must be rebuilt"
Watch more porn probs...
Talk to Erowid

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Tell me when thy band shall return to mark a schedueled performance on my nearest venue's door!
Quoth teh Loomis, "Nevermore".

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I would play bass more...and would probably take up another instrument.

Piano or mandolin, maybe.
I'd do some bloody work. It's getting to be a major problem how much time I piss away on the interweb and don't do any work.
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Life would go on, the sites not that big a deal to me, sometimes i tireD of the total idiots that roam these forums.

I'm one of those "total idiots".
Play more guitar, do my homework, go to parties, score women, be succesful......


*logs off*
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I'm one of those "total idiots".

lol, I'm afraid 'sometimes I tire' is perfectly correct.
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lol, I'm afraid 'sometimes I tire' is perfectly correct.

I guess I'd be forced to have at least somewhat of a decent social life.
And there would be some really cool UGers I never would have met
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Aig91 Atomizes Rossenrot Before Offering Mercy In Exchange For Wholesale Genuflection
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You can 'tire' of something.

'I tired of UG' is past tense. (tired)
'I tire of UG' is the present
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