anyone ever heard of d'armond? it was my first guitar ever and i haven't played it since i got my first ibanez, but i loved it and was thinking of restringing it again at some point now that i know a little more about guitars.

it's a really rock'n'roll style of guitar to look at with a really nice deep red colour and kind looks like a les paul but more... basic. it's got d' armond on the headstock in gold writing.

everyone i ask has never heard of d 'armond. thus my first post on here is about it :P

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Hey John
I've come into possesion of a purple d'armond les paul recently, (got it nice and cheap) depending on the age it could be worth quite a bit, they arnt made any more, but i think they're owned by fender.
I dont know about yours but mine is brilliant to play, really smooth and the action is awesome, you got yourself a nice guitar


Edit: Post a picture, i'd like to see if its similar to mine, i havnt seen any others anywhere
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The brand was bought by Fender in 1997, got turned into the cheap line of Guild and then got closed down since they weren't selling.
I have a gold De Armond m-65 and its a beautiful guitar (looks a lot like the LP). Does yours have a tremolo? I think the m-75 has a trem while the m-65 looks more basic like you said.
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for my very first guitar, i had to choose between a squier II stratocaster (i still dont know what squier II is), and a d'armond, i got the strat, apparently i didnt choose right :-(
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