I recently picked up a nice Mex Strat with the intention of customising it, and proceded to fit a set of Tonerider True Vintage pickups,Graphtech nut,stainless saddles,etc and sent for a Fender Clapton Mid Boost Kit from the US.This is an active system with pots,jack,switch and circuit board. My problem is that the TBX control has almost no effect on the tone/sound, even when moved from extreme left to right the difference is hardly noticible. Is this likely to be a problem with the TBX, the board, or a wiring issue, although I'm fairly confident about my wiring installation, any help here would be appreciated. Thanks Rob
^the tbx is probably a wiring issue. i have one, it's incredible. so much versatility. love it. get it right, it'll give you some really chimey tone to real deep thump.

and how did u fit ur mid boost unit? did u rout a pool under the pickguard?
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Thank you ECistheBest for your reply, I fitted the circuit board in the main cavity as can be seen in one of the following pics.
after posting and waiting for replies, I decided to open up the offending article again and just check my installation against the supplied wiring diagram, see below.


Now, I didn't mention previously but I'm a lefty so I had to make certain changes to my installation to compensate for everything being reversed, this also included turning the pickups round 180degrees in their slots. I did manage to fit the circuit board in the main cavity as you can see in this pic.


As I said I did make some changes, one of these was to solder the resistor on the opposite side of the TBX as there wasn't a lot of room between the pot and the guitar body on the side shown on the WD, this was due to my LH installation. You can see this on the next pic.


Now if you go back to the wiring diagram, it's not terribly clear but you'll see that the resistor is soldered from the case of one TBX pot to the middle tab of the other TBX pot, but it's also soldered to the outside tab of the first one as well, but when I moved it to the opposite side I forgot to attach it to that outside tab...!!! see the previous pic.
So I rewired the resistor correctly and what do you know..my problem has been solved, I haven't had a chance to try it in earnest yet but the difference is very apparent.
Possibly also of interest is the battery placement, I found that the 9v battery is a very snug fit between the block and the body.


This could be a possible placement solution for some of you guys that don't use the trem, it's also simplicity itself to change the battery. This however is a temporary arrangement for me as I'm in the process of making a full size steel block, when I fit that I'll probably have to relocate under the pickguard.
Anyway here is a pic of the Claptonised strat now.


I embarked on this as there is very little choice available for us Leftys, either buying new guitars, or buying parts, so in the end it's turned out to be a very worthwhile project which I'm really pleased with, and for a total outlay of around £310 (a Std Am Strat costs around £590..!!)I've got a superb strat which looks and plays a dream, now hopefully it's got the sound to match...!

I found a great solution whilst trying to get the mid boost circuit to fit into and American Standard control cavity.

Because the TBX is a double stacked pot and lines up right above where the Mid-Boost circuit board fits in the cavity, I simply swapped the TBX pot with the Mid-Boost pot.

Because the boost pot is so shallow, It fit perfectly above the circuit board. No the Mid Boost is the middle tone knob and the TBX is where the bridge tone knob would normally be.

The only pain in the butt was re-soldering the ground wires. Other than that, the solution worked perfectly.