So i'm looking for an external harddrive, around 500 gigs thats under 200$CAD. Is Maxtor good? I'm most likely to look at bestbuy.ca and want a decent one, what are some good names? Does the case make all the difference? Should I buy the hard drive seperate from the case to avoid getting a cheap case?
I generally use Western Digital, their stuff has never let me down, and I've been using it since the mid-90s.
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I learned the hard way...

External hard drives can get kicked off the table = instant death to all data!!

But as far as I know brand is not the issue. There is data access speed and obviously size. In both cases the bigger the better.

Faster, bigger = better hard drive.

...but depending on your situation, the amount of noise the fan makes is also an issue. I found mine to be loud and annoying, so I tended to turn it off if I wasn't using it.

Then of course Windows, in all its genius, will inform me that I have an external hard drive!

...gee, thanks.

But consider the mechanical danger to your data with an external. Portability implies stress, and hard drives just weren't designed to be banged around a lot.

I'd suggest considering a DVD-R to back up your data if you go that route. I wish I had!
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i dont remembre what its called, but its one terabyte (seriously look it up) and costs only a couple hundred bucks. you could probably download the internet and have space left for a video recording of the next thousand years of your life
i've used LaCie with no problems... although i've heard other people have
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I generally use Western Digital, their stuff has never let me down, and I've been using it since the mid-90s.

Yeah, those My Books are tough. You can get a 750GB off of Newegg for under $210, but I don't know what that is in Canadian...
Mine's freecom and I've never had any problems with it, I can't really compare it to any others though...
It's fine it's just going to sit on my desk for all my music and stuff there's no way it would get knocked off, I've used an external for the past like 2 years cept "someone" wont let me use it anymore.
I got a Maxtor external drive. Never really had any problems with it. I've even dropped it a few times - onto carpet though - while transferring data and nothing happened.
It's 250GB, 7200rpm - faster than my laptop's 5400, and 16MB buffer.
i'd definately go for western digital personally
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