I've got an Ibanez RG350 EX and I've been looking around for a new pickguard - The current one is showing a bit of wear, and I just fancy a change.

I haven't been able to find many RG pickguards but those I have found have generally said not for the 350 EX, or for the 350 DX only. I thought they were all the same - Apparently not - it would seem the EX is an odd one out.

Advice/Suggestions on where I can get one from?
i always thought the DX and EX were only different because of the colours..
That's what I thought, but those pickguards that would apparently fit all RGs apart from the RG350 EX have confuzzled me.
What? That's weird. I have an EX myself and been kinda thinking of replacing the pickguard as well. That's just odd.
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I'll ask when I go and test drive some amps later - Will report back.
350 EX and DX are the exact same with different inlays and most likely different pickup configs.
You should be able to use those pickguards.
Just make sure it has the right holes for your stuff.