K i know i sound desperate in my title but im actually ppretty good at guiatr and have been playing for a while. I just picked up a slide and want to no how to play it

I no the basics and technique but otherwise i dont no how to begin gettting better.

What are some sort of beginner songs that use a slide.... I appreciate anything from hardcore blues to blues rock to heavy metal

Try the search bar blues. It's in open F.
A couple of Metallica songs with Slide parts in em:

Turn The Page (is a cover and has a slide guitar part instead of a sax used in the original I believe)
Ain't My Bitch has a slide solo.
Another good one to try is 'In My Time Of Dying' - the LZ version. One of my all time favorite songs and not that hard to play. I bought a glass slide recently but could never get the right amount of pressure and I am no good at pulling off in time to play fretted notes and i get all kinds of unwanted squeals from glass so use my middle finger or index or switch. Maybe Page does too.

Note: I do not have sheet music or tabs or anything else so i'm going by ear but here is what I do. Barre chords obviously. (Now I want to search tabs and youtube)!

Open - 3rd fret Slide to 5th - hold - slide back down to neck nut or 1st
Open - 3rd fret Slide to 5th - hold - slide back down to neck nut
Open - 3rd fret Slide to 5th - release and pick string 4 at Open, 7th, open, 5th, 3rd (wammy down for vibrato pitch shift), release
Repeat but now include Slide again going from Open up to 7th fret
Repeat but now include Slide going from say 5th or 7th fret up to 12th
alternate this final pattern between sliding up to 7th and sliding up to 12th
increasing tempo
Something like that. Sounds cool anyway - even if that is not actually how it is done.

Sorry - that was probably a little more than you were looking for but i couldn't help it
yea i agree with allman brothers
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yea i agree with allman brothers

+1, Statesboro Blues, Dreams, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, etc. are all great slide songs.
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IN MY TIME OF DYING by led zepp! best slide song ever!
Most Queens of the Stone Age songs that Troy Leeuwen had a hand in feature a slide guitar (really a lapsteel, but you can do the same thing with a slide basically), most notably 3's and 7's. If you are interested, their live DVD (Over the Years and Through the Woods) has some songs where Troy gets behind the slides.
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just about any ZZ-top song

Eh, a lot of them do, but not even most.

Try the Only Slide guitar thread in the Blues forum. Srsly.
SRV "Give me back my wig" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9hbt8J28gU

Doyle Breamhall II "Outside Woman Blues" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAKMH74YmII

Dereck Trucks "Sahib Teri Bandi" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyEbunCxtLs

Three amazing songs that'll keep you practicing for a while
"Outside Woman Blues" is probably the easiest since it's more or less just a blues in D.
not sure about this but Steve vai's songs may be up for some sliding action...?
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catch hell blues by white stripes

death letter by son house

songs i learnt to slide on..

I was gonna recommend both of them aswell :]
Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh
oh and most of George Thoroughgood
and dont forget the Alman Brothers