Hello everyone,

I really want to learn electric guitar. My favorite electric guitarists are BB King, SRV, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour etc.

How difficult is it for a fingerstyle player to learn electric guitars and be able to play Blues Solo? I only play with thumpick and three fingers and never learn to play with a pick. And I am very new to scales etc. I personally feel that learning online lessons could be a better option then going to private classes…Anyone here knows a good source for online lessons for beginners interested in electric guitars.
there's alot of lessons on this site!
if you dont find nething of use...google.
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I made that transition myself. It's not too difficult, it's still a guitar mind you, but when you play elec fingerstyle it's very difficult to get the sharp, clean tones you want on an elec, not to mention you get a lot of "string noise". The thumbpick should help, and there are a few very good elec players who play fingerstyle (none of which I can recall) , however, most people use a pick for a reson.

As far as lessons go, I woulden't be too concerned. Just take what you do fingerstyle and apply it to elec. It isn't impossible, but it's defenately a challenge.

IMO, I woulden't look the pick over entirely. It's defenately got it's merits and you can do things with a pick that are downright tough with only fingers (pinch harmonics, tapping, hammers/pulls are a little tougher because you cant hit the string as hard, etc.).

Sorry for getting long-winded there, but I hope that helps

-edit- Dude. Seriously. If all you're gonna say is "google it" why waste the bandwidth to post?
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I applaud your decision to go online. A good source to learn electric guitar for beginners is hotstrings.
This is a cool new and fast beginner course without notes. Here you learn a short version of the basic elements of playing the guitar. The crash course has 30 daily lessons of different song styles such as rock ballads, pop songs, reggae, modern pop, funk and soul. Direct downloadable to your pc.
Here is a good place to start, but there are plenty of other sites around too:

I'll warn you now though, I've only used cyberfret a few times and found it helpfull, as well as justinguitar.cm and his video lessons on youtube. The rest are just accumulated for in case I needed them.

I would advise you learn to use a pick, or at least when you start out use your thumbpick (Most of the time when I attempt to use a thumbpick, the majority of the time i end up using it and holding it like a normal pick thats conveniently wrapper around my thumb, not the correct way, I know, but thats fine with me...) and slowly progress onto a normal pick. I occasionally play with my fingers on electric but the thinner strings are harder to use your fingers on (that could be just me though) and you really just cant do most electric type stuff as well or at all with your fingers.

Playing with a pick is a fantastic skill to have though.

Oh, and I would go and buy a book from a good music shop on learning electric guitar and the type of stuff your interested in. To me, theres still nothing that beats a good book (unless its a book with an accompanying DVD and CD that is...).

EDIT: All of those websites are free too. Some of them have stuff you need to pay for but also have some free stuff, but Justinguitar and cyberfret and Ultimate Guitar are all free and thats probably got most of what you need to get going.

EDIT 2 (Sorry, keep thinking of new things): Make sure once you get started, spend some time in the beginners forum and the electric guitar forum. Here is good for help on the transition but those other sections will be better for the actual playing side of things.
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