*insert generic Roland Cube 60 or Vox AD30VT-XL recommendation*
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Look into the line 6's that were co-produced with bogner. Not amazing but not too shabby either
Any line6 with Spider in the name is quite lame. The reason for this is because Line6 is in the field of modeling other manufactures amp. they are very good at this and any Line6 with models based on other makers amps are generally quite good. Heres the problem with the spider, it uses line6's own models which are quite sucky compared to say the flextone or vettas. Please dont waste your money on a spider.
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If It's for practice maybe, but get a smaller one. If it's for gigging or playing along with a band, get a tube or a SS amp.

Get a Vox Valvetronix at least, or a roland cube.
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It's pretty poor at best, diverting for the first hour or two perhaps but the novelty will wear off very rapidly. Try a Peavey Bandit 112 or a little 15-30W tube combo.

But you weren't seriously going to buy that amp without trying it out first, were ya?
It's funny, the one's that are telling "not to buy", don't show or say that they own one.

I have a Line6 Spider III, I love it! I can get different tones without having to hook up alot of diiferent pedals, and I can hook up my MP3 player to it. This is my third amp and by far the better of the three.

Don't let anyone tell you what to spend your money on..... Go "Test Drive" play a few and you make the decision.

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I don't know what's with Spider III's but people either really love it or really hate it... I suggest trying it out first to see which type of people you are :P
I agree that the Spider amps are polarizing. They seem to produce a distinctive sound that some people rave about and others rave against.

I spent a while trying out a variety of amps in the price range, and I felt the Spider III had the most useful sound and feature set. I haven't had any reason to regret buying it, and I've now got my eye on the Spider Jam amp as well.

I think you also need to understand that people tend to buy what they like and like what they buy (a slightly different thing...once you're committed to it, chances are you'll find everything good about it). As a result, any request for advice on any of these discussion groups will elicit a whole bunch of replies from people recommending whatever THEY play.

And of course, the "tubesnob chorus" never runs down...
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It's funny, the one's that are telling "not to buy", don't show or say that they own one.

I see what you mean, though to be fair....in my case that's because I sold my 112 to Cash Converters for £40, including an FBV Express, simply because I wanted the thing out of my house. Got it as a cheap practice amp/backup, and decided it wasn't worth the effort. I'm fine with the little Microcube competitor they've just brought out, but as a main amp they're absolute balls.

Roookie's got it right though. Just try one out and trust your own ears, instead of a bunch of random gearheads...