I can't figure out why the programs I have tried to use for real time guitar effects through my computer (just for practicing) won't regester my M-Audio USB interface's 1/8th input.

I have vista and a M-Audio USB Fast Track interface with the driver installed, but the programs I'm trying to use (Guitar Fx 3.04, Guitar FXBOX) won't let me change the sound input from anything except Fast Track (microphone). When I select microphone all that I hear is the white noise from the mic input jack, so I know that the computer is finding the interface, just not the 1/8 guitar input, only that three pronged mic input.

Does anyone know how I could change the input option to something like Fast Track (Line in) or whatever it uses thats not the three pronged mic cable?
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Could be vista... Vista dont like much. But i dont know, but i know Vista = alot of trouble for many.
Get an ASIO HOST!!! such as the Toby Bear VST host or audacity.
Then Download the Simulanalog Suit, Coyote Wah and Classic Reverb Classic Chorus

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