This may seem like a silly question, but say you're tracking drums and decide to use XLR to 1/4 rather than XLR to XLR cables for the mics. Is there going to in fact be a noticeable difference between the two?

Maybe this is just something I've completely missed over the past 10 years, haha?

shouldnt be a problem...
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I switch between them all the time. No noticeable difference.
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depends on the 1/4 connector, and the length of cable you are using. If it's an XLR to TRS(tip-ring-sleeve) 1/4", then it's the same thing, since it can remain a balanced cable with 3 conductors. If it's just XLR to 1/4" TS, like the cables that come with a Radio shack mic, then it's not keeping a balanced connection. A balanced connection has the benefit of using phase cancelling to remove outside noise/interference, so you can run long lengths of cable without affecting the signal integrity.
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