I see a guy who sell her Echoplex EP-3 i will like to know if someone have ep-3 and if it a good tape echo? Thanks.
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Yes i know i dont have some english writing skills. Someone have the ep-3?
The Echoplex is the nicest tape echo there is and also the original tape echo. It was invented by the same guy, Ray Butts, who debatably invented the humbucker (he claims he did it before Seth Lover, but the patents disagree). The Echoplex is also rediculously expensive and there are only a few hundred. That is all the EP-1 though. I know nothing about the EP-3, but if it is anything like the original it is amazing
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While being one of the best tape echoes out there, it's the EP-1 that's the high regarded one. The EP-3 is a good one though.

But while being regarded as the best tape echo out there, it's among the least reliable things in the world. These guys break down all the time and nowdays that's not somethign that's cheap. So often that most owners eventually rebuilds them completely. They are just way too unreliable, they have LOTS of parts that easily breaks and the Plexes are very fragile, so the chance of getting one that NEVER breaks down is impossible. Also tapes are hard to come by nowadays.

My tips would be to get the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. It's an EP-1, but without all the problems and without all the noise the originals have.
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