Recently began playing in a small venue, using borrowed equipment. It was a Fender Blues Jr. amp with a American Tele. I enjoyed the sound for some things, but felt it was limited. The distortion I used felt weeker than I wanted. I need something more rounded for a cheaper price under ($600) if possible. I only want tube. Usally play keys or durms, but enjoyed electric and am looking to start with some eqipment. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
The Blues Junior (along with most other low-wattage amps of the type) isn't really designed to have 'distortion' built in. You'll find that if you use it with an overdrive pedal you can get brilliant rock tones, many of the best amplifiers have only basic controls so you need to use pedals to get the most out of them.
While you're using the borrowed equipment buy yourself either a Behringer TO800 or a Digitech Bad Monkey to give you some flexibility. You'll probably end up getting one anyway, whichever amp you buy.

Have a look at the Crate Palomino V18, Laney VC15 or VC30, Peavey VK or Classic 30, Marshall JTM30, Sovtek MIG-60, Traynor YCV40 and anything else of a similar nature. Buy secondhand and you'll get a much better amp for your money.
With a pedal, the Blues Jr. is a pretty good choice also. Plenty loud, good clean sound when you want it, easily within your price range. Since you already have access to it, try an OD stomp box and see what you think.
Peavey Classic 30 is nice.....
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the classic 30 is a little more rounded, and can do most things up to hard rock... its not a high gain amp, but its an absolutely fabulous middle/low gain amp. Somewhere between a fender and a vox AC30 with some good dirty tone too (almost like a marshall but less drive to it)...

most of it's tone comes from treble/mids, and the bass can be added in, but its never going to be modern sounding amp (i.e. metal)

if you liked the blues junior you'll definitely like the classics, try one and I think its exactly what your looking for in an amp.

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The Peavey Valve King 112 is a great amp and its not that expensive
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This guy is my friend, he was running through a pedal board. Switching from a DS-1 and a Blues Driver, neither gave a good enough crunch. This is about him getting an amp, not how to get the equipment he used to sound better.
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