Hi Bass forum, ive been payign bass since october, also been lurking here occasionaly but the other day my g string broke (har har har). i Looked in the faq and tried a search, to find out what strings i should get, these mention the makes of the strings, but i was looking on gak adn to my horror found that there was loads of different variations like rotosound nickle bass, adn roto sound swing bass funk masters, and the price varies quite alot, so my question is what do you think i begginer liek me shoudl get, will i notice the difference between expensive and cheap ones and what guage should i get as i like playign alot of different things(although i like tryign slap alot ) and a final thing is have any of you got tips for me on changing strings?

thanks alot!
do you know what gauge strings you have? if not, go to a shop and ask them to change it for you since a: you seem like a beginner and b: most dont know how to tune, let alone change strings.

just bring it in and once youre there, just ask for some DR's or D'addario's or even slinkies.
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You will notice the difference between cheap and good strings. The basics of strings fall in 3 categories: 1) nickel-wound (steel core, nickel windings) which have some brightness due to being roundwound but are mellower than 2) stainless steel (all steel) which are the brightest strings around and 3) Flatwound, these have no bumps or anything and they have a very mellow sound. As for gauge I would personally just stick with medium gauge (.45-.105) until you know what you want out of them.
allright cool, i can tune things(been playign bagpipes for 8 years ) however i am quite a begginer at bass, so i will take your advice thanks
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Go for a basic gauge, and look at different companies (Ernie Ball, Rotosound etc.) and try reviews.
i think everyone should start with a set of rotosounds because every other string on the market is compared to a rotosound. as for gauge 45 - 105 is standard and probably what came with your bass
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armed with this knowlage, i went into teh shop this morning and cam out with a new set of D'addario strings .45 to .105, and i stuck them on my bass (far easier than i thought) and WOW what a difference it makes, i think for my next set im gonna try rotosounds, its jsut that the shop guy was reccomending these to me so i took his word for it

If you ever decide to put flatwounds on your bass, definitely look at Thomastik-Infeld. They are absolutely amazing.
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I have those d'Addarios on two of my basses - they're great strings. Less bright and metallic sounding than Rotos, and they age well over the first few weeks.